1. The Delicate Art of Layering Fragrance

    The Delicate Art of Layering Fragrance


    Before we start talking about layering, we need to tackle the matter of how scents need to be aligned with the occasion and the time of the day we are wearing it for, just like there is a suitable attire for every occasion or time of the day, so is a fragrance.


    • How a Man can layer fragrances to be more attractive to a woman.


    If we are aiming for an evening fragrance, then we recommend layering more intense and sensual notes, contrary to the morning one which will be fresher and lighter.

    A very important element in layering is the family the fragrances belong to, such as Fresh, Aquatic, Oriental, Aromatic, Oud, and Wood and so on.

    The ingredients or notes as we call them of the fragrances are what determine the characteristics of the fragrance, for a day layering that smells attractive and masculine we look for notes such as Bergamot, Guaiac Wood, Musk and Vetiver, these can be mixed with aromatic ingredients like Rosemary, Mint, and Cedarwood.

    Roja Parfum Elysium Cologne Histoires de Parfums 1828

    Fragrances suitable for midday and evening will include notes such as Vetiver, Tobacco, and Oud mixed with creamier notes like Sandalwood, warm Amber, or just deep Woody fragrances.

    Roja Parfums Amber Aoud
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  2. Ageing Beautifully with Frankincense

    Ageing Beautifully with Frankincense

    Ageing Beautifully with our Frankincense Favorites from Neal's Yard Remedies. البخور Living here in the Middle East we are used to burning incense and inhaling beautiful aromas in our homes and in public places like malls and hotels. One of the more popular incenses used here is Frankincense. Have you ever traveled to Oman? You will smell frankincense incense nearly everywhere! Frankincense incense has special antibacterial properties, which enable them to naturally purify the air and surfaces in a room.

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  3. Rose- The Queen of Flowers

    Rose- The Queen of Flowers

    Many of us adore roses, and when we need to prepare a special gift, adding flowers to it, beautiful roses come to our mind straight away. We can choose from a variety of colours, which are available nowadays. Good quality roses are quite expensive, but they are gorgeous and look like no other flower. The rose flower is iconic, and it earned the name “The Queen of Flowers” not just for its beauty. Rose have much more to offer apart from beauty.


    In ancient times, people cultivated roses, these flowers were widely used in perfumery, medicine, and therapeutic treatments. For these purposes the rose essential oil (also called rose attar, rose otto, rose essence and rose absolute) was used.  Good quality essential rose oil (attar) is very expensive, so usually, natural rose oil (not synthetic) is used by premium and luxury cosmetic and perfumery brands in their products. Attar of roses has yellow-greenish colour, it is taken from the base of rose petals before the buds even open, and it takes about one and a half tone of petals to produce just one pound of attar…..

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    Immune system of a new born baby is not yet fully developed. They need help to fight off germs and extra help to moisturize the skin, as oily glands of a new born baby are not yet working as much as in adults.

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