Best Summer Fragrances

Best Summer Fragrances

There's nothing quite as beautiful as the smell of Summer. This beautiful smell of saltwater and warm sand, or the smell of citrus, fresh fruits, sweet berries, long grass and your favorite blooming flower.

The combinations are endless and are a super easy way to fill your soul with summer vibes.


Before we pick up for you a collection of the best summer perfumes that you’ll need during the summer season, there are some factors to be taken into consideration.


Your Body heat

Will your body temperature matter?
The answer is yes


Your body heat is also a factor to account for. A hotter body temperature means the pay-off from your perfume will be more concentrated, and vice versa.

Therefore, the active person has been noticed that his perfume lasts longer than a person with a sedentary lifestyle.

During the Summer season, it is natural for us to gravitate towards sweet, floral and fresh and fruity summer perfumes, as our body temperature will increase.

An increased body temperature combined with a smoky, intense-leathery or warm spicy perfume is surely not ideal. Instead, popular notes for the Summer include references of Marine, Citrus, White Flowers and Fresh Fruits.


Recommended perfumes for Summer:


Berdoues Grands Crus - Somei Yoshino:

Inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Somei Yoshino or “Yoshino Cherry” is a Hybrid Floral Tree, with an incredible pink and white bloom.

This tree blossoms in early to mid-spring, for around two t

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