Concentrated Serum Gift Set

Concentrated Serum 30 ml
+ Lift Anti-Aging Peeling Medium 15 ml Offered
+ The Pure Regenerating Oil 10 ml Offered

  • All skin types

  • Cruelty Free

  • Exfoliating

  • Moisturizing

  • Nourishing

  • sensitive-skin

  • Dry Scalp


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This gift set contains:
Exclusivity: The Pure Regenerating Oil 10 ml
For face, nails & hair
For dry and sensitive skin
Obtained by cold-pressed extraction, 100 % pure rosa canina organic oil. This oil has a deep intense orange color and a rich smell. It is naturally rich in antioxidants like Vitamins A, E & K, and also has a high concentration of fatty acids essential in our bodies: omega 3 & omega 6.
These nutrients and vitamins help preserve the skin by providing deep moisturizing properties, cellular regeneration and protection against free radicals. It is a perfect product to help fight the aging process.
On the nails, the oil will help to treat dry cuticles.
On the hair tips, the oil hydrates dry hair tips.

Lift Anti-Aging Peeling Medium 15 ml
Ideal for dry, delicate, sensitive skin, our Lift Anti-Aging Peeling Medium accelerates cell turnover, increases elastin and stimulates collagen production naturally. Our Anti-Aging Peeling unclogs pores and regenerates and oxygenates the skin that also increases cell circulation and improves absorption of other beneficial skin care ingredients.
Lift Anti-Aging Peeling Medium leaves skin feeling luxurious, elegant, beautifully soft, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Concentrated Serum 30 ml
This nutrient rich Concentrated Serum uses a combination of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid that works deep within the skin surface improving skin hydration and elasticity as well as gives water-holding property allowing better skin hydration protecting your skin from environmental damage. This daily all-natural Concentrated Serum delivers visible results thanks to a miracle ingredient – Tocotrienol (Vitamin E) that is the most powerful antioxidant, which helps to fight skin aging by neutralizing free radicals and boosting skin’s moisture level.

Suitable for normal to combination skin, including sensitive skin

Step 1 - Start with the Peeling application

Apply a pearl-sized drop to wet skin. Gently massage for 1 to 2 minutes, then rinse off with water. The peel can also be applied around the contour areas of lips and eyes. Use once daily for an immediately smoother look, as part of your morning or evening routine. Avoid contact with eyes.

Step 2 - Apply the moisturizers:

Oil or Concentrated Serum on the face and décolleté

Morning and/or evening apply the pure oil (1-2 drops) on the face, avoiding the eye contour area; then apply our serum. For a quicker application, the oil can be mixed with the concentrated serum.

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