We are founded on the belief that ethical and clean beauty should be the norm, ELUXURA is changing the face of the luxury cosmetics and fragrance segment from a market overrun by mainstream brands mindlessly peddling mass-produced and ubiquitous items, leaving no room for individuality, often toxic and devoid of real ingredients, into one that redefines the focus on luxury as a state of wellbeing.

We, at ELUXURA, believe that the customer—whether they are just looking to go one notch higher by building an ethical skincare routine based on pure ingredients, or seeking exceptional fragrances made of higher-quality authentic ingredients, that will satisfy their discerning taste—should reap the long-term benefits of shifting to real luxury - sustainable luxury through an online destination that puts the spotlight on ethical beauty and sophisticated perfumes.

ELUXURA invites everyone to raise their standards and shift to ethical beauty, made with as much as possible pure ingredients. A movement to sustainable and clean beauty begins, when consumers ask more from their brands and the companies behind them, leading to better solutions for both our health and environment around us.

Angela Turovskaya, founder of ELUXURA says " Luxury is innately sustainable, as it focuses on quality through genuine, as much as possible pure ingredients, mindful manufacturing and craftsmanship.

ELUXURA wants to put the spotlight on this principle, and through it, accelerate the change in the market and consumer mindset towards making the ethical beauty choice the only choice."

Welcome to ELUXURA- The Heart of Pure Luxury

Product does not contain animal ingredients, animal by-products, or any other animal-derived ingredients. Most vegan ingredients are naturally derived from plant sources, but some can be synthesized or made in a lab.

Brands and Products, that are committed to the environment, using post-consumer recyclable plastic for packaging, designing bottles that are easier to recycle, adding more biodegradable materials, and being mindful about sourcing ingredients.

Product and its ingredients are developed without any tests on animals. Products certified by such organizations like PETA or Leaping Bunny. It ensures that no animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its manufacturers, or its ingredient suppliers.

Product made without ingredients that could harm your body or skin. They may or may not be natural or organic, but they contain plenty of natural or organic ingredients and only safe synthetics, man-made ingredients, and safe preservatives.

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