Voluminous Dry Shampoo

Plant-based dry shampoo cleans, volumizes, texturizes and makes styling easy.
  • Gluten Free

  • Paraben Sulphate Free

  • Vegan

  • Fair Trade

  • Organic

  • Eco Friendly Packaging

  • Natural


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Crafted with plant-based ingredients, our highly efficacious dry shampoo leaves hair and scalp clean and refreshed and makes styling effortless. Packaged in an environmentally friendly non-aerosol dispenser, it delivers texture, hold and volume.
قومي بفتح الغطاء العلوي ، ثم رجي الزجاجة جيدًا ، ثم اضغطي على الزجاجة للرش بالتساوي على الجذور وفروة الرأس ، دلكي جيدًا في الشعر لتنظيفه وإضفاء الحيوية وتعزيز الكثافة.
  • CASSAVA (TAPIOCA): This edible root has been a staple for Amazonian people for thousands of years. Organic, food-grade Cassava starch absorbs oil, perspiration, and debris from the scalp and hair and builds a supportive base for long-lasting durable styles
  • COSMETIC CLAY: Used for centuries in makeup and as a health treatment, clay absorbs oil, perspiration, and dirt from scalp and hair.
  • ORGANIC STAR ANISE: This evergreen seed offers a spicy fragrance and antimicrobial properties that help maintain a healthy scalp.
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