Ultimate Gel Effect Nail Paint - Strawberry Rouge

Juicy as the strawberry pulp, a red full of charm. A bright and decisive color, to never go unnoticed.

Professional, long-lasting, gel-free enamel. 7 FREE. Free from harmful substances. Fedua polishes contain the high percentage of pigments, for immediate color in one application. No Streaking.

In the infamous Fedua 'Paint Can' inspired packaging, perfect for displaying or gifting.

11 ml

  • Cruelty Free

  • Paraben Sulphate Free

  • Vegan

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Fedua products are safe and certified 7 free from all harmful chemicals.
Start by applying the preferred base. Apply the enamel on the nail starting from the central part of the nail along its entire length, continuing then on the sides of the nail. Then apply a second coat of enamel, spreading the color well over the entire surface of the nail. Finish with your favourite top coat for a matte or glossy look.
Cruelty-Free and 7 Free. The Faby Lacquering Gel line is TPO free.
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