Heal Your Heel

Heal Your Heels

Good foot health is essential for an active life! As your healthy feet are the foundation of your entire body. They not only help with your overall elegant look, but also, they are representing the balance, posture, and mobility of your body.

Cracked heels can be a very painful condition to deal with, but there are ways to heal them. One of the best treatments is to soak your feet in warm water. The hot water will help soften the callus, which will speed up the healing process. But it's also important to dry your feet properly after soaking to avoid bacteria building up.

There are many home routine tips for healthy feet, but some of the best tips are to soak, exfoliate and moisturize your feet.

Soak Your Feet


Soaking your feet may help you to decrease roughness and leave the feet softer. Any type of foot soak might help reduce odor and clean the feet. Keeping the feet clean and free from bacteria is beneficial for overall foot health.

You can add some essential oils or herbs to the water before soaking your feet. That will give you a pleasant feeling and relaxation.

You can soak your feet in warm water with baking soda which can help exfoliate the skin, ease itching, and cleanse the feet. You can easily mix one tablespoon of baking soda in warm water and soak your feet for 10 – 20 minutes.

Another option to soak the feet is to add one cup of sea salt to warm water and soak your feet in. Sea salt will help you to get rid of dead skin on your feet.


Bag of Rosemary Mint Tea Mineral Bath Soak


Soaking your feet in warm water with baking sea salt will help exfoliate the skin, ease itching, and cleanse the feet. You can easily mix a handful (about 2 oz.) of the bath soak per tub and let dissolve before enjoying the relaxing experience.

It includes Atlantic Ceara, Pink Himalayan, and Epsom salts, scented with natural rosemary and mint oils, and mixed with a rich array of organic teas and flowers like organic green tea, marigold blossoms, rosebuds, and more. Mineral-rich salts bring a weightless feel to bathwater, promoting a sense of well-being. Each bag contains one full pound of relaxing enjoyment!

After soaking the feet, it is a great time to use an exfoliating tool to remove the dead skin.


Buff Your Heels

Exfoliating will allow moisture to penetrate deeper, so you'll see faster results.

A natural exfoliating solution can be done after soaking your feet. You can easily exfoliate your heels gently with Spongelle Pedi Buffer. Remember that a scrub should only be mildly done, so don't use too much pressure.


Pedi Buffer - Beach Grass 30+ washes


Drench your feet in a pool of pampering beachside fragrance. Our triple-action Pedi-buffer cleanses, massages, and buffs away dry soles for professional pedicure results at-home.

This soothing texturized polisher and moisturizing cleanser are infused with a fragrance reminiscent of a beachside resort.

Smells Like A beachside retreat Feels Like A pedicure overlooking the shore Fragrance Notes T: spicy, fruity, green M: jasmine, rose, powdery B: aquatic, woody, musk.


Consider A Natural Moisturizer

A good foot moisturizer is key to maintaining smooth, healthy feet. The secret is applying a formula with a combination of ingredients that are designed to create a barrier between the skin and moisture loss on one hand and made of natural ingredients on the other hand. This helps to retain moisture and prevent dryness, and it is a quick and easy fix without harming your skin.

To really get the most out of your foot balm, you should apply it at bedtime, after you've taken a bath or shower. Choose a balm containing several fast-acting ingredients guaranteed to give your feet the moisture they need. The ingredients are also designed to work together to supply the skin with vitamin E, C, B5, and B6 which are good sources to nourish the skin.


Honey Heel Glaze




One of the most effective foot balms is the Honey Heel Glaze. It is a fast-acting, no-mess, concentrated formula that has been hailed by customers for its efficacy in soothing and healing damaged feet.

It is a good choice for anyone who suffers from dry, rough feet. With a full money-back guarantee, it is sure to provide relief and comfort.

Unlike some other foot balms, Honey Heel Glaze creates a layer of moisture on the skin, repairing dry, cracked, and rough feet.

For the best results, dab a pea-sized amount on unkempt feet. Or enjoy an all-night soak by painting on Honey Heel Glaze in a thick layer and slip on a pair of dark socks that won't stain. By morning, your feet will feel soft and supple. Use after a FarmHouse Fresh Sea Salt Scrub for the ultimate silky feet. Suitable for all skin types.

It is developed for dry, cracked heels and knuckles. It is the best in its category for its price. It provides smoothness and long-term results. Honey Heel Glaze is a good solution for repairing the damage.

Your heels will show signs of improvement after following the aforesaid tips, they may take several days or weeks for the cracks to heal. During and after this time, wear shoes that fit properly and practice proper foot care to help prevent new heel cracks.