Beardsman's Toolkit - Tea Tree & Cedar Beard Balm & Talisman Beard Oil

The Beardsman's Toolkit is the best set of products to give all that is needed to keep the beard in the best condition. Set includes Tea Tree and Cedar beard Balm, Talisman Beard Oil, Beard Scizors & Comb.

Shape, soften and moisturize your beard with this 100% natural beard balm that combines the herbal, refreshing scent of tea tree and the woody aroma of cedar.

A fragrant and woody beard oil that moistens and protects your beard making it tangle and trouble-free. Say goodbye to the days of beard-druff. Have a healthier, softer beard. Nourish the skin beneath your beard. Keep your beard looking and feeling the best. Every single ingredient used is 100% natural. No parabens. No synthetics. No additives. No preservatives. No nonsense.

Enjoy the stunning look and quality of branded accessories included in this set. The product can go as the best gift to your friends and loved partners.

  • Hydrating

  • Soothing

  • Natural


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1 Tea Tree & Cedar Beard Balm matching the cedar notes in The Talisman Beard Oil along with a Beard Comb and Beard Scissors. The essentials for a longer beard in one kit. To get the best results out of your long beard, use the Beard Oil right after showering when your skin is moist and use the Beard Balm later on during the day to shape your beard nicely

How to use Beard Oil:

Place a few drops into your hand. Massage the oil evenly across the entire beards. Use the Beard Comb to evenly distribute the oil and detangle your beard. Use the Beard Scissors to cut out the stray hairs

How to use Beard Balm:

Take half a coins worth of Beard BalmMelt it on your palms. Spread the balm throughout your beard. Use the Beard Comb to spread the balm throughout your beard. Stroke your beard downwards using your hands to shape it nicely.

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